For the first time ever, Uganda will be part of the International Pairs Golf Tournament in 2022. The tournament brings the opportunity for Ugandan golfers, clubs and sponsors to be part of the largest amateur golf competition in the world. It is exciting to be offering an opportunity to the amateur/club golfer to win an all-expenses paid trip to participate in the world final of a global competition.

Paul Baite – International Pairs Uganda Licensee

Paul Baite, has been licensed to run the International Pairs Tournament in Uganda, under IVX Company. The tournament will be run in collaboration with Paul Kaheru of Bosque Creations. Paul is passionate about golf, and its role in inspiring communities to do better, especially for youth development. Paul has served in golf administration for over 10 years, his last role being Honorary Secretary of the Uganda Golf Union (2018 To 2020). Prior to that he served as Honorary Treasurer of Uganda Golf Union (2016 – 2017), and Vice-Captain of Uganda Golf Club (2012 – 2013). This experience has helped Paul to understand the game, and how to make it attractive to players, clubs and sponsors.

The International Pairs License is of great interest to IVX Consulting and Bosque Creations as it strategically diversifies their portfolio in sports marketing. 


Uganda is a golfer’s paradise – you can play golf 365 days a year. Uganda’s weather is as friendly to golf as its people are to visitors. Sunny most of the year, with only mild fluctuations in the wet and dry seasons, Uganda’s tropical weather offers all-year-round golfing.

The golf is played on a variety of courses in picturesque settings against a backdrop of  iconic features – Uganda Golf Club in the city centre of the capital, Kampala; Entebbe Club and Lake Victoria Serena Resort and Spa on Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa; Jinja Club at the source of the River Nile, the longest river in Africa; Toro Club and Kilembe Golf Club with a backrop of the permanently snowcapped Rwenzori Mountain ranges which are a world heritage and Ramsar site; several Plantation Courses (Mehta Golf Club, Kinyara Golf Club, and Mary Lousise Simkins Memorial Golf Club), among others.

International Pairs Uganda in the process of engaging sponsors. While we await the commitments from Sponsors, we would like to recognize that the tournament is being organized by IVX and Bosque Creations in collaboration with the Uganda Golf Union.